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Read the words of BodyTalk and Emotion Code clients, a former principal, and my research supervisor at the University of Windsor.

BodyTalk and Emotion Code

BodyTalk with Cheryl was truly a transformative experience. Cheryl walked me through the process, as I had never done a session before, in a way that made me feel comfortable and safe. I received significant relaxation and healing from my sessions. I cannot recommend her enough!” – Kat K., Virginia, U.S.

"Chronic body pain, headaches, stomach ulcer, insomnia, anxiety…yup, I really do think my body was yelling at me but I still wasn’t listening. I was too busy complaining about how awful I felt all the time. Take a pill to relieve symptoms for each ailment were the prescribed treatments. Something didn’t seem right. If our bodies are complex systems working together, why do we treat each ailment singularly?

Thankfully, I scheduled a Body Talk session with Cheryl. The treatment was non-invasive, it was actually relaxing and calming. I just had to lay quietly while Cheryl talked with body, asking questions and communicating. Acknowledging the actual issue(s) and not just the symptoms make so much more sense. Along with healing the entire body, not just one system at the expense of another, makes great sense. Our bodies are truly amazing.

Cheryl is genuine and you can feel her passion all around. Thanks to Cheryl and Body Talk I have a new relationship with my body. I stop, listen more and try to be kinder to it." - Tamara T., Windsor, ON

"My experience with Cheryl has been as educators.  She is a passionate/compassionate educator and these tools have transferred in her practice in Body Talk/Emotion Code.  I felt "safe" and comfortable as she verbalized the steps she was taking in guiding the session.  I felt a layer had been lifted off me and felt liberated.  Cheryl has a gift of making people feel completely at ease and not judged.  Virtual sessions or in-person sessions, she is successful at connecting with the person she is working with.  I continue to recommend her to friends overseas, as well as family/friends in Canada." - L.L., Windsor, ON


"Cheryl has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages...Her willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons, and experiment with new strategies demonstrated her motivation and reflection about teaching and learning...Cheryl promoted differentiated instruction within her classroom through cooperative learning and she has proven to be especially popular and successful working with behaviourally challenged students." - Tom Wilkinson, former Principal of Cadotte Lake School, Albertal

Research & Writing

"As a research assistant, Cheryl worked with me for two semesters and completed all the tasks in an outstanding manner. She has excellent research and organizational skills; she is also reflective, methodical, and can work within broad guidelines. Additionally, Cheryl is reliable, diligent, hard working, and has very good interpersonal skills." - Abdel Salam Sidahmed, former Associate Professor, University of Windsor/currently the Regional Representative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in the Middle East and North Africa