• Cheryl Rettig

Your Body is Talking to You, but What is it Saying?

BodyTalk makes me feel like a cosmic detective finding clues in the body and mind, solving the great consciousness mystery.

Did 2020 cause you to realize the importance of wellness, wholeness, and balance in every area of your life? Or maybe you've been on a transformative journey for a while now, and you're looking for the next piece of the puzzle. BodyTalk is a consciousness-based healing system that offers many potential benefits for anyone who has decided that a return to wholeness and balance is a priority.

If you are experiencing issues in your life you can't quite understand, identify, or even put into words, BodyTalk has the potential to create balance and harmony within and between your body, mind, emotions, and energy; provide clarity into root causes of imbalances; and help you identify patterns you might be ready to address.

BodyTalk is a simple, safe, non-invasive way to balance, synchronize, and improve communication between parts of your body, mind, and energy that are not working at optimal levels and need attention. One of the underlying principles of BodyTalk is that physical illness is caused by disturbances in our body-mind, exacerbated by stress, unprocessed emotions, and negative thoughts and belief systems. These factors can negatively impact the natural balance, harmony, and synchronicity of our body-mind.

BodyTalk is my superpower. It helps me understand the secrets my body, mind, and heart are whispering to me. When I listen to that quiet voice, it tells me what I need to feel better. Then, when I tap on my head, heart, and stomach with my magic wand (my hand), all the different parts of me start to get along and work better.

Most sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour. It is my priority to make sure you are comfortable before we begin and I always take the time to answer any questions you might have, as well as go over the details of your session. At this time, I am working with clients via Zoom, as well as in-person at a spa in Harrow, ON called Jem.

The potential benefits of a BodyTalk session vary from person to person and may include newfound clarity, relaxation, subtle or larger changes in overall functioning of your body-mind, improved mood and energy levels, and pain reduction. BodyTalk is a way to further expand your consciousness and create greater balance and connection in your body-mind.

It is important to stress that BodyTalk practitioners do NOT diagnose illnesses, make definitive statements, or prescribe medication or treatments. Any medical concerns should always be discussed with your healthcare provider. BodyTalk should be considered as a complementary approach to healing, IN ADDITION to anything else your doctor has instructed.

If you are curious about BodyTalk and would like to learn more, please feel free to email me ( and I will answer any questions you have. BodyTalk is my passion and I would love to share with you the many different ways it can benefit and transform your life.


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