• Cheryl Rettig

100 Day Challenge - Day 1!

I discovered a tai chi video on YouTube today, and I decided to give it a try. I figured it would be relaxing and grounding, plus it would add more movement to my day. I really enjoyed feeling like a flower moving with the gentle breeze.

The instructor mentioned the idea that in Taoist philosophy it often takes 100 days to create a foundation. In other words, we plant a seed, cultivate it for 100 days, and then at the end of that period, we experience a harvest. She connected this to the time it takes to create a new habit. This idea stuck with me, so I have decided to start a 100-day challenge of my own.

Last week, my province entered its third lockdown. Today, the premier issued a stay-at-home order, except for essentials (ex. food, medicine, vaccinations, exercise). In other words, much like the previous lockdowns, I have a bit more time on my hands than usual.

I am an online English teacher and a freelance writer, so I do have the privilege of some steady income, along with government assistance to cover the gaps. However, I’m a certified teacher, experienced writer, and a certified BodyTalk practitioner, so I’m working to build my own business using these skills and experiences. I have started this 100-day challenge to enhance my discipline and keep me focused on what matters to me, instead of letting this extra time go unused.

My challenge is simple. I have identified several different activities that I feel are vital to my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Check out my list below:

· Connect to nature – daily walking or running in the trails near my house

· Gentle movement – tai chi, yoga, light weights

· Positive affirmations and gratitude

· Connect to my spirit – meditation, prayer, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping)

· Write – focus on topics I’m passionate about

· Invest in my business – marketing or courses

· Healing – sessions for myself or others

I am committed to spending time daily on each of these activities, and paying attention to any major or subtle changes I experience. In other words, it’s my own little experiment. By changing my habits and my focus, can I help to create a different, more joyful and prosperous reality for myself? I’m not sure, but I’ll certainly keep you posted!

If you decide to add a little extra challenge to your life, please let me know what changes you experience. I would love to hear from you as we move along this personal transformation journey together.


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