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How can I help you access your power?

Access your Power to Heal (BodyTalk and Emotion Code)

Are you struggling with your career, relationships, health, focus, or motivation? Could you benefit from letting go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve your highest good and gaining insight into the root causes of your harmful patterns?

BodyTalk and Emotion Code empower us to address the thoughts, belief systems, emotionally charged memories, and life experiences that are impacting our physical, mental, and energetic health.

Possible benefits may include newfound clarity into the root causes of current imbalances, struggles, and challenges; the release of harmful patterns, belief systems, and emotions; improved sleep and relaxation; reduction of physical and mental discomfort; increased energy, clarity, and focus; motivation to help start or finish important projects; and improved well-being.

Check out the video "BodyTalk in Two Minutes" to learn more. 

Prices: $80/session OR 3 sessions for $200. Sessions are via Zoom. If you refer someone who completes a session with me, you get a FREE session!

Access your Power to Speak (Adult ESL Classes)

So many people struggle to find and use their authentic voice, in both their professional and personal lives. I am a certified teacher with extensive experience working with adult ESL students. If you need to improve your English in order to get your dream job or gain entry into a post-secondary education program, I can help you build your Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Grammar skills. I can also help you ace your job interview, create a resume and cover letter, or learn to give amazing public speaking presentations. 

Prices: $50/hour for individual customized sessions OR $60/hour for a group of 2-3 students.

Access your Power to Change your World (Research/Writing)

Researching vast amounts of information, analyzing and synthesizing it all, and then creating easy to understand written content for a variety of purposes is my super power! I especially love to collaborate with NGOs looking to raise public awareness and funding, challenge harmful policies and practices, and create a greater online present and influence.

I have international experiences writing for human rights NGOs in Ghana, India, Israel and Palestine, and Washington, DC. I also created SEO marketing materials for a translation company, completed my major research paper in graduate school focused on the use of sexual violence as a strategy of war in the DRC, and I have created blog content for a spa in Harrow, ON. I excel in creating in-depth White Papers and research reports, blog posts, web content, newsletters, feature articles, press releases, and more!

Check out some of my writing samples to get a better idea of what I can do for your organization or business. 

White Paper - Culture and Why it Matters to Your Business

Major Research Project - Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Rape as a Strategy of War

Web Content/Blog Posts - Jem 

Newsletter - Profiles of Women Elected to the District Assembly in Ghana

Press Release - Shared Hope International 

Prices: Prices vary depending on the type and length of project. Contact me today to discuss your research and writing needs.

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