Hi! I’m Cheryl,

A gender equality advocate, researcher and writer, teacher, energy worker, empowerment coach, and world traveler!

For as long as I can remember, I have been curious about so many things. Questions would constantly swirl through my mind and I wouldn't be able to rest until I searched for the answers. This quest for knowledge has taken be down some very interesting paths in my almost forty years on this planet, including travel, higher education, various job opportunities, certifications, and personal transformation.

After university, but before my earning my Master's degree in Political Science, I spent almost two years volunteering for international human rights and gender equality organizations in Ghana, India, Israel and Palestine, and Washington, DC. A few years later I became a teacher and have worked with students in a First Nations community in northern Alberta, northern Iraq, and Windsor, Ontario. I have also pursued my passion for healing and earned certifications in Reiki and BodyTalk, two incredible healing modalities that have the capacity to help people connect to their own innate wisdom and power. 

With all of these experiences, I am slowly becoming the best possible version of myself. It is my desire to bring my skills to the world in order to help people tap into their power and use their voice to heal themselves and change their world. I offer services including ESL teaching, empowerment coaching, online BodyTalk sessions, interview preparation, public speaking and writing help, and the creation of online content for NGO's. Please check out my Services page for more details. 


Blog posts will focus on inspiring, empowering, and encouraging people, while also challenging systems of injustice, exploitation, marginalization, and oppression. Topics will include spiritual abuse/religious trauma, healing from grief and mental health struggles, travel adventures, education, and global gender equality and human rights. The overriding theme in all posts will be to help readers remember our power, wholeness, love, and common humanity. Everything else is just details.