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"My wish for you is that one day you will wake up and feel empowered by the parts of yourself that you once labeled as flawed."

 ― Hannah Blum

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Hi, I’m Cheryl

Teacher, researcher, writer, gender equality advocate, world traveler, and certified BodyTalk, Emotion Code, and Reiki practitioner. 


Passionate about helping people tap into their power and use their voice to heal themselves and change their world.

After traveling to over 15 countries, I am passionately committed to writing about and speaking up for justice, gender equality, human rights, and peace.


I love teaching adult ESL students, helping them develop verbal and written skills, so they can face their next job interview, business trip, new job, or university course with confidence.

As a certified BodyTalk, Emotion Code, and Reiki practitioner, I enjoy assisting people on their healing journey, helping them to remember and access their own power and wholeness. 

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